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Puerto Rico Art, Puerto Rican Art

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Many of my best customers are from Puerto Rico.  I love Puerto Rico and on my brief trip to there I brought back many visual memories I wanted to put into my art.  Puerto Rico is a wonderful place and I will go back.  Some of the things that struck me, and appartently most people who visit Puerto Rico were the Maga Flowers, El Morro, the colorful houses, the Taino, the Vejigante.

 I worked hard to capture the spirit, colors and life of Puerto Rico.  The El Morro painting is one that does just that.  All of my original paintings from Puerto Rico have sold.  The fine prints are still available and are still very popular.  I intend on returning to Puerto Rico very soon.

If you have anything special from Puerto Rico that you would like me to capture in a painting please write me and let me know.  Below please find the works I have done for Puerto Rico.El Moro Painting